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Payton Mullinax 

          The Lenten season is in the air. What are you going to give up? First, let’s get to the basics. Lent consist of 40 days and 40 nights which commemorates Jesus going into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights and being tempted by the devil. Lent starts the day after Mardi Gras (Ash Wednesday) and ends on Easter Sunday. We give up something because in the desert Jesus had nothing to eat or drink. Giving up one thing sounds a lot better than going without going without food or drink. It is just to show you that Jesus gave up a lot for us.  Giving something up during the season of Lent is something many adults take part in, but kids can get involved as well. Encourage your friends to think of a small luxury they can go without during Lent. This can be a food, like chocolate or soda, or an activity, like watching television. Now you might not use these suggestions. But ask your friends. They might have a suggestion. I gave up soft drinks for lent. It is hard. I hope I can get more kids to decide to participate.